A week of outfits: one sweater, five looks

Autumn is here, and for many of us it is more than just our favorite season: it is also the best time of the year to challenge your taste in fashion and try out new combinations. However, you don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to look stylish and we want to prove to you that a single sweater can be versatile enough to make 5 distinctive outfits out of it.

In this case, we will be talking about the cable patterned Aran sweater you can find at websites as these , a classic and versatile piece that is great both on its own and in combination with other clothes from your wardrobe. If you decide to get one, we recommend buying an Irish sweater made of 100% merino wool, because it will be more lightweight and breathable and easier to take care of. Since this sweater is made of merino wool that has antibacterial properties, you can wear it every single day without it getting smelly and if you want to make sure that it is extra clean and fresh, simply hang it in a windy area and it will clean itself. With all this in mind, here is how you can stylize a sweater and create 5 outfits for a whole week.

Monday: sweater + denim jeans + leather jacket

On Monday, let’s start off strong, but classic, with a beautiful and easy to put outfit. Grab a pair of jeans, preferably light wash denim ones, throw on your sweater and finish the look with a black leather jacket. For accessories, a pair of white sneakers, your favorite wristwatch and a few kitted leather bracelets will make a great addition to your look. You can wear this attire to go run some errands or to meet your friends, and if you don’t have a dress code that you need to respect, this outfit can also be warm and comfy for work.

Tuesday: sweater + chino pants + cardigan

To stay just as comfortable, but even more stylish, on Tuesday replace your leather jacket with a chunky knitted cardigan and wear some dark chino pants instead of the jeans. You can make this look more preppy by wearing a pair of black Oxford shoes, but if you want to dress it down and make it more casual, combine it with a pair of high Converse; the trendy leather ones are especially good for the gloomy autumn weather. Such a look is perfect for a long walk in a beautiful park with a warm cup of coffee in your hands.

Wednesday: sweater + light colored pants + t-shirt

If the weather decides to gladden you on Wednesday with a beautiful sunny day, it is your chance to wear this trendy combination: pair your white or light colored pants with a monochrome t-shirt and tie the sweater around your shoulders. If you plan on spending the whole day outside, this outfit will make you feel fresh and comfortable, and in case you get too cold at night, you can always wear your sweater. It will look even better when combined with a black belt and the same white sneakers from Monday.

Thursday: sweater + black trousers + button-up shirt + blazer

On Thursday, let’s be classier and take the blazer out of the closet. A pair of cotton black trousers and a colorful button-up will be the base of our outfit, and although it already looks great on its own, we will elevate it by layering it with the sweater and the blazer. A brown leather diplomat, the belt from the previous day, and your watch will make the best accessories for this look. This combination will be more than suitable at a business meeting with your associates.

Friday: sweater + sweater vest + black trousers

To finish off on an elegant note, layer a chunky sweater vest over your jumper and wear this combo with the black trousers from Thursday to put together a work outfit for the final day of the week. The belt and watch are indispensable from this look, and the Oxford shoes will be the best pair to wear with this outfit. If the weather gets too cold, don’t forget to throw on your coat and you are ready to conquer the day.