New Lab Grown CVD Diamond Collection

New Lab Grown Best Brilliance, the acclaimed online jewelry retailer, has officially announced that its new CVD (chemical vapor deposition) lab grown diamond collection is now available for purchase on its online store. Lab grown diamonds have become increasingly popular in recent years as a green and ethical alternative to natural diamonds, and Best Brilliance stands once again at the … Read More

The W Pantry and Thrift Shop working

The W Pantry  Most students know to seek help when they have academic troubles, but many suffer silently if they struggle with clothing or food insecurity.

The W Pantry and Thrift Shop is working to change that.

“When a student struggles with biology, for example, they know they should go get a tutor and there is very little stigma,” said … Read More

Sparkling high jewellery timepieces

Sparkling high jewellery Schenelle Dsouza 

Sparkling high jewellery Early last week, luxury American jeweller Harry Winston added a sparkling selection of diamond. Encrusted watches to its ever-growing “Emerald” timepieces. Mimicking the octagonal form of an emerald-cut diamond, the latest “Precious Emerald” editions come in six eye-catching dial colours. These range from light blue and pale pink to bright yellow and … Read More

Cheap Online Shopping Ideas

Cheap Online  Are you looking for a way to purchase the products that you need for a low price online? Cheap online shopping is the way that a lot of people are providing their families with items such as clothing, appliances, and other items that are needed. There are a lot of ideas that will help you to save money

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