Body Spa

The 7 Best New Spas in the World in 2022

After two turbulent years spent on high-alert and close to home, destination spas offer the work-from-home weary a tried-and-true opportunity to reset both mind and body. After all, spa recovery culture dates back to ancient times, when Roman soldiers bathed to heal wounds and the Greek philosopher Hippocrates espoused scented massage for optimal health. Whether you covet sun-drenched beaches or

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Spa Therapies & Meditation

Spa Therapies : Earlier, a spa was referred to as a resort with mineral springs or a whirlpool bath where a device is used for aerating and swirling water. But over the years, the spa has come to be known as a place to relax and rejuvenate your senses through massage and an assortment of body relaxing substances. A spa,

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Branding a Winning Spa

Winning Spa : Day spas and medi-spas are a successful branch in the beauty industry because of their focus on creating a relaxing and fulfilling experience for their clientele. With a lifestyle focused on beauty, perfect skin, and anti-aging, a capable spa can offer an experience that is satisfying and ultimately create dedicated return customers. As a spa owner, the

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