Dot&Key Water Drench

Dot&Key Water Drench Hydrating Hyaluronic

Dot&Key Water Drench packaging is pastel and pretty! As usual, my dilemma for finding the perfect moisturizer has not yet solved. So, after using the hyaluronic acid serum (Marine Hyaluronics) from The Ordinary, this is my second hyaluronic acid serum and I was and was completely unsure of what to expect. The best part is I am writing the review almost a month after finishing the product so I also have in mind how is my skin doing after I have discontinued the serum.

Dot & Key is a recent addition to my knowledge of brands. They have interesting products with their vitamin C and retinol serum still on the review shelf with me. After I finished the hyaluronic acid serum, I started with vitamin C serum and I am almost half way through it. As I have already said, hyaluronic acid is a great hydrating ingredient for the skin and if you have a dry skin, you should give hyaluronic acid serum a try.


The packaging mentions key ingredients and not the complete set of ingredient list. The concentration of hyaluronic acid in the serum which proves the efficacy of such treatment serums is also missing. However, I am liking other ingredients in the list though the same argument goes for them too. Dot&Key Water Drench .

The concentration of ingredients is unknown because of the lack of complete ingredient list. Bulgarian rose oil and acai berry fruit oil look really interesting. Milk lipids help moisturize the skin. Ceramide 3 gets absorbed into the skin and improves the skin barrier, thus, helping the appearance of aging skin.

The serum comes in a nice blue robust bottle with a stopper. The serum is transparent and runny in texture. It has a mild fragrance to it which I did not like the first time.  But the smell did not interfere with my nose at all and dissipates as soon as I apply the serum on the face. Since the texture is runny, you have to be careful about applying it.

I started using the serum in mid-July and it lasted me almost a month with a complete pump for one time use twice a day. Since this is only a hyaluronic acid serum, it is not enough for complete moisturization so I paired it up with Organic Riot Dazzle serum. It is advisable to follow up with a moisturizer for any kind of serum or treatment you use.

As I mentioned earlier, the hyaluronic acid serum is very runny so I apply it in dots all over the face and neck and gently rub it in. The serum gets absorbed pretty quickly and does not leave any sticky feeling behind. In fact, it is easy to say skin drinks up the serum instead. However, the serum alone is not enough for me and I need to follow it up with moisturizer for sure otherwise my skin feels stretchy.

Love their packaging!

The serum does make the skin glow and hydrates it from inside though on some days it might not be enough depending on how you take care of your skin and the weather outside. The hydration lasts for an entire day even if you do not wash our face at night. It keeps the skin hydrated in air-conditioned environment as well for the entire day with a moisturizer. After I finished with the hyaluronic acid serum, I could actually feel my skin getting drier.

Overall, I loved the product especially considering that it is Rs 900. There are very few hyaluronic acid serums at that price range in the market and this is one of them which does a pretty good job. So, yes, you should make hyaluronic acid serum a part of your daily skin care routine. I also have Dot & Key’s vitamin C and retinol serum up for review in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned for them!

I would like to apologize to the brand as well. This review has been delayed for too long as I could not really find time to click pictures and put them up for the review. To update you about changes in my life, I recently started working again full time. And since then my routine has been all over the place which is why the posts are sporadic. I am still trying to get everything back under control. Dot&Key Water Drench .