Luminous by Face To Face Skin Care

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As promised, Tuesday Style Dryer (TSD) is back with more from Face to Face Skin Care Salon & Spa, a business helmed by the enterprising mother-daughter duo of Andrea McKenzie-Ricketts and Chanel Ricketts. After a crash course on the Vivant Skin Care line earlier this month, the team is ready to introduce readers to Luminous: an organic skincare system.

Per the spa’s website: “Luminous is our pharmaceutical-grade professional skincare collection. Each formula combines clinically proven, patented ingredients and high-potency, targeted nutrients to uniquely transform and restore the skin to its true potential.”

The line was conceptualised in 2021, and after a careful production process is now available exclusively at the 31 Upper Waterloo Rd location.

A few of their core customers got first dibs on the Luminous line. One now shares her experience.

Face to Face Skin Care Salon & Spa client Sadé:

My skin was blotchy. I had acne and dark spots. My skin was overall dull and the constant breakouts were frustrating. I started to see a difference in my skin’s tone and texture. I had fewer acne breakouts and my dark spots were finally fading. My overall skin looked healthier. Not to mention, I noticed a glow! Results came after monthly facial treatments and a guided skincare regimen from the aestheticians at Face to Face Skin Care Salon & Day Spa.

Sadé’s Luminous Facial Treatment:

Step 1 — Cleanse with the Luminous Detox Cleanser. This cleanser is a unique blend of citrus essential oils and coconut which work together to remove deep impurities, promoting an invigorating clean that remains gentle enough for all skin types.

Step 2 — Steam the face with Cranberry Enzyme Mask with lactic acid to further detoxify and exfoliate the skin.

Step 3 — Extraction begins removing blackheads, whiteheads and impacted pores, if necessary.

Step 4 — A healing anti-bacterial mask is applied to the face, and left on for 10 minutes. NB: Masks are selected based on skin type.

Step 5 — A serum is then massaged into the skin using a warm towel. Face to Face Skin Care Salon & Spa has a variety of nutrient-rich serums with advance ingredients to repair and provide nutrition for the skin. Serums are chosen based on skin condition.

Step 6 — Moisturiser is applied to hydrate, nourish and protect the skin and provide a Luminous-glow!

“Luminous is Face To Face’s non-toxic clinical organic skincare line which provides effective potent active ingredients without artificial fragrances, colouring and preservatives. These anti-inflammatory products are least likely to cause irritation. Beneficial for all skin types including eczema and sensitive skin. I use this line every day and my clients always comment on the radiance of my skin. Luminous advance delivery system creates that noticeable difference and an instant glow!”

— Chanel Ricketts

Face to Face Skin Care Salon & Spa

Shop #13 Lee Gore Business Centre, 31 Upper Waterloo Rd, Kingston

Phone: (876) 754-3223 & 885-2966


IG: @facetofacespa

Face To Face Skin Care & Spa mother and daughter team: Paramedical aestheticians Andrea McKenzie-Ricketts (left) and Chanel Ricketts.

Face To Face Skin Care Salon & Spa client Sadé before Luminous treatment regimen.

Four months into her treatment, Sadé shows off clearer, healthier-looking skin.

Luminous Detox Cleanser.

Cranberry Enzyme Mask.

HYDRATION — Plumping Moisturizer.

REPAIR — Epidermal Repair Serum, this uniquely powerful serum is proven to neutralize toxins, calm inflammation and support epidermal care and DNA health. REPAIR — Epidermal Repair Serum .

CLEAR SKIN — Blemish Retinal, blemish-prone skin has met its match with this powerful vitamin A serum. It works to balance oily skin, improve detoxification, calm inflammation, assist the skin’s microbiome, and diminish the appearance of blemishes for a flawless finish.