Simple but Elegant

Simple but Elegant Trouser Suit Party Dresses

Simple but Elegant Party dress models are now more modern and varied. One of the simple, comfortable but elegant party dress models is a trouser suit.

With a trouser suit, you will feel more comfortable and free to move. The model of the trouser suit is now made more luxurious so that it is suitable for a party atmosphere.

Here are 8 trouser suits that you can use as inspiration.

1. Plain Pink Nude Trouser Suit

This first trouser suit party dress has a plain nude pink model. This suit consists of a long side top and culottes. You can wear this outfit to a party with jewelry accessories like necklaces.

With a nude pink color, you can complete it with pashmina hijab accessories, handbags, and white kitten heels. You will also look simple and elegant when you come to the party.

2. Middle Split Brocade Trouser Suit

Furthermore, the middle cut brocade trouser suit will suit you to wear to look more luxurious at the party. This suit is made with a nude satin base material with a brocade layer on the top.

For accessories, you can wear a matching hijab and a neutral black sling bag. Don’t forget to wear high heels because to make your appearance look more feminine.

3. Organza Accent Pleated Trousers

The plisket material can be used as a party dress in a trouser suit. This gray plisket material is made into a suit model combined with soft pink organza material.

As above, you can make a knee-length shirt with two-layer organza ends formed by a handkerchief. For accessories, wear a hijab and a cute pink hand bag.

4. Pearl Accent Trouser Suit

If you want to wear a trouser suit with bottoms that fit your legs, then you can try this shirt. This suit is made in green with a knee-length top and ankle-high pants.

For the top, add pearl accents throughout the shirt to make it not monotonous. As for the sleeves, you can add a charming ruffle accent.

5. Soft Pink Tille Trouser Suit

A trouser suit party dress can be made with satin and tille. The shirt is made to the length of the thigh, then covered with tille cloth to below the knee.

The sleeves are also equally lined with tille, but are add with ruffle accents at the wrists. For the pants, you can make them according to the size you want, for example, culottes that are wide or made smaller.

6. White Crossover Long Pants Suit

One of the most popular models today is the crossover model. Almost the same as kimono, this model is made crosswise with v-neck detail and balloon sleeves. Because at the waist, don’t forget to add a belt accent that can make the body look slimmer.

For the bottoms, these suit pants can be made into culottes with pieces that widen down. A white crossover trouser suit like this will go well with hijab accessories and milk chocolate stilettos.

7. Balloon Sleeve Belt Accent Trouser Suit

Because balloon sleeve belt accent trousers are the right outfit to look elegant at a party. This outfit is made plain in a neutral beige color. The sleeves of the suit are balloon-shaped with ruffles at the ends.

The detail that beautifies this shirt is the belt accent at the waist. Then, don’t forget to wear high heels and a shoulder bag of the same color.

8. Bell Sleeve Belt Accent Trouser Suit

Finally, this trouser suit party dress looks charming in navy color. Later This top model is made with a wide bell sleeve model at the end.

Meanwhile, the waist of the shirt is made with belt accents and beaded details on the chest. Then, don’t forget to wear a beige hijab, hand bag, and neutral high heels like brown or beige.