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Luminous by Face To Face Skin Care

Protect the skin you’re in with the Ultra Sheer Protective Moisturizer, a reef-safe, coated zinc oxide-based sunscreen that offers sheer, long-lasting, and SPF 30 broad-spectrum coverage

As promised, Tuesday Style Dryer (TSD) is back with more from Face to Face Skin Care Salon & Spa, a business helmed by the enterprising mother-daughter duo of Andrea McKenzie-Ricketts and Chanel Ricketts. After

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Watch Powerlifter Shahram Saki (120KG+) Squat Over 1,000

The powerlifting sphere would do well to pay attention to Shahram Saki any time he steps into a squat rack. His latest strength feat demonstrating his leg power is one of the athlete’s best yet. 

On August 21, 2022, the Iranian athlete shared Instagram footage of himself capturing a raw 460-kilogram (1,014.3-pound) back squat during a training session to notch

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Classic & Vintage – The FREE Wood Lily Quilt Block

Wood Lily Classic & Vintage Quilt

It’s time for us to bring you another Classic & Vintage Series pattern release, this time with the Wood Lily Quilt which is inspired by a block from the 1930s! This series takes traditional quilt blocks and adds a modern twist. Keep reading for all the details on this new vintage-inspired quilt and the FREE Quilt Block Pattern.

Get the
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Back-to-school skincare guide | Lifestyle

With classes back in session, you may start feeling slightly stressed out, which can lead to a breakout, especially if you don’t have a skincare routine. Maintaining a skincare routine is beneficial for students so they can take care of themselves. You can start your skincare routine with these five simple steps. 

Step one – Cleanse

The first step to

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The Best Landmine Workouts for More Muscle and Better

Perhaps you’ve seen a lifter pressing, twisting, or rowing a barbell by rotating it on end. Appropriately named, these landmine exercises produce lethally effective workouts. Landmine training is performed in settings from Division 1 college weight rooms to bodybuilding gyms to injury rehab clinics.

Muscular man in gym performing overhead barbell exercise
Credit: Breaking Muscle / Youtube

The barbell is used for lever-based resistance — one end pivots

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What Exactly Is Retail Arbitrage?

Retail arbitrage may sound like a foreign concept that you’ve never heard of. But don’t worry, we’re here to break it down for you!

You may have heard the term “retail arbitrage” but not know exactly what it means.

Retail arbitrage (also known simply as the acronym “RA”)  is the process of finding products at a lower price from one

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